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“Attempting to connect to a comport” Message

Common to see when you first open the Qest4 software.  It should automatically find a port and connect within a few seconds.  If you have waited a couple minutes and it still is not connected, below are some things you can check.

Check the basics:

  • General System checks:
    • Make sure machine is turned on
    • Check Qest4 software
      • Click COMPort on menu tab
      • Ensure “Auto Find” is selected
      • If it is, select one of the other COMPorts and reselect “Auto Find”
    • Only one Qest4 application should be open at a time
    • The electrodes (handmasses) should not be held during startup of program
    • Check “Ports” in Device manager to be sure you have a port available between the numbers 1-20
    • Be sure you are using the latest version of Qest4 software
    • Do you use your hardware on multiple computers? See “Assigning a Comport between 1 and 20“.
    • Does the USB cord “wiggle” where it is connected to your hardware?  May need to be repaired – create a support ticket for further assistance. Hardwire – USB System (additional checks):
    • Possible faulty USB cable or Port
    • You may need to update the device drivers (see below)
    • Make sure USB wire is plugged in correctly
    • Check connection of USB wire at location of box to see if it is loose. (Does it wiggle?) Bluetooth System (additional checks):
    • Make sure device is paired with computer via Bluetooth
    • If it is, try removing it as a paired device and then re-pairing it.
    • Recent Windows updates may require you pair your device again.
      • The Bluetooth Qest4 should pop up in the Bluetooth devices with a number beginning with RN (It does not say “Qest”).  Click on the device.  It should ask you to Pair.  The password is 1234. Click Next.

If these steps fail to resolve the problem:

There is an outside chance of a hardware failure. Before concluding this is the case, please test the unit on at least 2 computers.