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Battery or charger has a problem

Trouble shooting for the Qest 4/Asyra battery is simple. You will need your device and charger.  You will not be able to run tests while the system charges.

Your charger has two pieces to it.  If it comes loose where the two pieces connect to each other, it will not charge your system.  Check to be sure it is securely connected.

Then try unplugging the charger from wall outlet for 1 minute then plug back in to wall outlet. Now plug charger in to back of Qest4 and let charge for an hour then unplug charger from Qest4. If still will not power on it will need repair.

The lights on the charger pack are as follows…. 
red = charger connected to power but not connected to device
orange/yellow = charging device
green = device charged

If your device hasn’t been charged for a while then it will slowly drain. Once the device battery is drained the device could take 24 hours to charge.
It sounds obvious but sometimes the cable might not be fully plugged in. That applies to either part of the cable, mains to charger unit and/or charger unit to device.

I suggest monitoring this for a while to see if it happens again. Leave the device charging overnight and check to see how long the power lasts. You should get a couple of days use (depending on how many treatments you do) from each full charge.

We keep our device charging overnight when we are running clinic, that ensures we have a fully charged device at all times.

You will notice after you plug the charger in the back of the System that the red light is on. When the light on the charger turns green unplug charger from the System & try powering on the System, if it will not power on,  it will need to be sent off for repair.