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Computer Requirements & Recommendations

Minimum Requirements for your Computer:

  • A Windows 10 Home or Pro operating system installed, used exclusively for the Qest4 system (we do not recommend and cannot guarantee support services for rebuilt computers). If using a MAC, it must have a Windows platform. Technical and clinical support is limited for practitioners who use a MAC computer.
  • Most computers purchased “off the shelf”, meaning not refurbished, within the last couple of years should have the needed requirements to run the software.
    • 8 GB RAM minimum would be best
    • An i5-8250U processor (or equivalent) should be fast enough
  • We recommend you use Windows Defender as your antivirus protection, as we know this will usually not interfere with our software.
  • Important: Screen size/resolution required for the Qest4
    • When purchasing any new laptop, netbook, or notepad, carefully consider the dimensions of the screen you are purchasing. The Qest4 software is not compatible with screen resolutions of less than 1366 X 768 and starting at a 15.6 inch screen minimum.

Important Recommendations and Information:

  • Firewalls: The system program must be allowed as an exception in your firewall rules, or else updates may not complete, resulting in unstable operation.
  • Internet updates: Should not be loaded immediately prior to client work, but done at a time where you are able to test and check the smooth operation of your software following the update.
  • Third party support: Please be aware that regular IT support professionals rarely know anything about the system, so your local Apple store or PC World who fixes your computer may not take account of it when doing fixes on your computer unless you expressly tell them.
  • Electrodes: If you travel with your device regularly or would suffer a major loss if you had a faulty cable, we recommend you invest in a spare set of electrodes (handmass cables).
  • User Responsibility: The system has been tested on all currently supported Windows platforms without failure. The manufacturer’s software guarantee specifies a dedicated computer, not running other application software. However, in our experience, it is feasible to run other software alongside the system’s software.
  • Note: The Qest4 is not currently compatible with tablet computers such as iPad’s, or Android and Apple smartphones.
  • It is important to note that many new computers come with “bloatware” — junk software loaded by the manufacturer and this can have a detrimental effect on the performance.

Qest, LLC and Qest International will make every effort to support users running the system’s software in conjunction with other software, but cannot be held responsible for any incompatibilities that may arise as a result.