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Custom Update 5.0

  • These are used when a new update is available but not automatic (you are not prompted to update when you open your software).  
  • This is considered a “soft” release.  When an update has been available for a few weeks in this manner we then make it automatic.
  • Custom updates are not always available – if there is no code at the bottom of this article then a custom update is not currently available.

To make a custom release available:

  • Click on “File” –> “Web Update” 
  • When the pop-up box appears, click “Check for Update”
  • If it says there are none available, type the code in the text box and click “Custom Update”
    • This is different for each update and is located at the bottom of this article
  • It will process your request and, if an update is available, will show a check in the appropriate boxes related to the update.
  • Click “Update Now”

Current Code: No custom update available.  Current version is 5.0.  If you are not on this version you should be prompted to update when you open your software.  If you are not prompted, you can force an update.