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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions with basic answers.  Most answers are quick and expect a familiarity of computers and our software.  When needed, more in-depth answers are provided as a link in the question or answer below.

  • What Qest4 software version am I using?
    • When launching the Qest4 program you can see which version of the software you currently use. Locate the version number 4.XX.XX in the bottom left corner of the startup QEST4 logo box. Also, located at the bottom right corner on the Client Info Page. 
  • What is the most current version of software available?
    • This is listed on the home screen of the technical support page.
  • What driver software version am I using? (For Hardwire systems only)
    • The Qest4 System must be connected to your computer with the USB cord. You can locate your driver version by opening the Device Manager in your computer then open “Ports (COMP & LPT)” and double-click USB Serial Port. In the pop-up window click the tab at the top named “Driver” and find the Driver Version: X.XX.XX.X. Then, in Device Manager open “Universal Serial Bus com” and double-click USB Serial Converter. In the pop-up window click the tab at the top named “Driver” and find the Driver Version: X.XX.XX.X.
  • What version of Windows am I using?
    • Search “My PC” or in the search box for WINVER application. Run the application and it will list the current Window Version.
  • What Windows operating system (OS) am I using?
    • Search “My PC” or in the search box for WINVER application. Run the application and it will list the current Operating System.
  • How can I be added to a Find a Practitioners Website?
    • Practitioners in the US, Canada and Mexico – Email with the spelling and information you would like to display.
    • Practitioners outside North and Central America – email 
  • How often can I expect to receive updates to the Master List?
    • Every quarter year.
  • How long do Qest4 software updates require to complete?
    • Just the application is quick and can be 3 minutes or less
    • Database and application takes longer and is 10 – 90 minutes. If they are both available to you update at the same time. If only one is updated an error can occur.
  • When should I restore my database?
    • Anytime a major error occurs such as Blue Screen of Death it is best to restore your database to a previous software version. You can restore your database through the FILE Tab in your program. Click on “Restore Database” and select the date prior to the error occurring.
  • An error reads “Conductivity Error” what can I do?
    • Dry the clients hands and have the client rest the hardwire electrodes on open palms or touching with their finger tips.
  • An error reads “Electrodes Not Reading” what can I do?
    • Start each test with the hardwire electrodes not touching the client so it will calibrate. Client’s who are dehydrated or have low neurotransmitters may not conduct enough charge for a reading. You can place the electrodes somewhere other than the clients hands such as the axillary (armpit) or popliteal fossa (back of the knee).
  • Are my hardwire wires bad?
    • If you are having conductivity errors frequently you can test your equipment. First, hold onto your electrodes and turn the volume up on your system. Maintain contact with the electrodes while pulling the wire from the copper rod straight out one at a time. When the sound of contact stops you have found the bad electrode.
  • How do I force a web update?
    • In the software select FILE in the upper left corner and select Web Updates. Then select “Check for updates” and notice if it says No Update Available but below it has two links for “force update“. Select these one at a time.
  • What do I do if the web update freezes?
    • Be patient!  This is rare and would only be on “major” updates. Give it 60 minutes before you try anything.  If needed go to the task manager and “End Task”.  Try updating again and be sure you have a good internet connection.  Take note of any errors and contact technical support if you continue having problems.