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How to Force a Web Update


On the main screen of your Qest4 software look at the very top of the screen and look for the word “File”. Click on File and a menu will pop up. In this menu look for “Web Update”. Click on web update and another window will pop up. Click on the button that says “Check for Updates”. The Qest software will then check for any updates via the internet. If your Qest software is currently up to date you will see in blue letters “Force Update”. Click these blue letters next to “Qest4 Application” and also the “Product Database”. This will check the box next to either or both that you clicked force update on. Now click the button that says “Update Now”. The Qest software will now update to the latest version. You may want to do this if your Software is acting a little buggy or is not operating correctly. 

For visual instructions

Please follow the steps below:

  • Open Qest4 (Asyra) Software- Click File –>  ‘Web Update’
  • A pop-up box opens.  Click the “Check for updates” button
  • If it says “No update available” when it finishes checking for an update, but you know you are not on the most recent version, you will now have the option of clicking on the blue “force update” button(s).
    • Note: You can choose to force an update for one or both “application” and “database”
      • Compare your current version of software with the most recent one available to know what needs to update.
  • When you click on “force update” for “Product Database” it will bring up a box letting you know that this update takes longer so you can choose to update later if you don’t have time to do the update at that moment.

Note: Some system issues can be caused by web updates not completing properly due to firewall interference. If any strange software issues occur shortly after updating your software, we suggest you try to complete the web update again. To do this you must force a complete web update.

 (Here is a video demonstrating how to force a web update)