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How to Move Your Software & Data to a New Computer

Transferring your data to a new computer may seem daunting if you are unsure of how the process is carried out. In reality, it’s a straightforward process and it is highly unlikely that any data loss will occur if these steps are followed:

1. NOTE: Ensure that all Microsoft Windows updates are fully updated on your new computer and that any firewalls are temporarily disabled.

2. You will need a USB or External Hard drive to complete the steps in the process.

3. Click on ‘Start’ on your desktop window, type ‘MyComputer’ and the “Enter” key.

4. Select the ‘(C:)’ drive. (Double click)

5. Select ‘Qest4’ (DO NOT OPEN THE QEST4 FOLDER). Right click and select “Copy”.

4. Plug your USB stick or External Device into your computer and locate it in your C-Drive.

5. Click on your external device so it is highlighted. Then right click and choose “paste”. It will place your Qest4 folder onto your external device.

5a. It will then place the Qest4 folder onto your USB.

6. Plug your external device into your new computer and locate it on your C-drive.

7. Highlight the “Qest4” folder and right click. DO NOT double click to open the folder. You only want it highlighted not opened. Select “Copy” from the drop down options.

8. Click on “Windows (C:)” in your new computer so it is highlighted. Right click and select “Paste”. You will notice a popup box that shows the files being copied to your new computer.

9. You should now see the Qest4 file located within the C-drive of your new computer

10. To create a shortcut on your new computer, double click the Qest4 folder.

11. Right click the ‘application’ folder. (This is the folder that will have the Qest4 or Asyra icon on it.) It will bring up a box with options for that folder. Find the option that says, “Create a shortcut”. Click it.

NOTE: If you already have a shortcut on your desktop this will overwrite what is there. However, if you are on a new computer and have transferred your software as outlined in this article you will not have a shortcut for the software unless you create it as shown.