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How to speed up your system for a slower than normal program 5.0

We have not adjusted any speeds to software on our end, however, there are some things on individual computers that you can check and see if it helps resolve the problem. Usually, there are individual variables, unique to individual computers or Windows updates that can affect the speed of your tests.

Questions to ask:

  1.  Have you checked the speed of your system with the clock installed in your   Qest4/Asyra software?
  2. Did you recently install a new antivirus software?
  3. Did you notice this after a recent Windows update?
  4. Did you notice this after a recent Qest4 System update?
  5. What kind of computer do you have
  6. What else is running on your computer?
  • Something you can try:
    • Reboot
    • Wait about 5 minutes for all software on the computer to start up
    • Run Asyra/Qest

1. If you downloaded new Antivirus (AV) software:

Antivirus software can bog the system down.  We recommend using Windows Defender, which comes free on Windows computers.  This one usually seems to “play nice” with our software.

A couple options related to antivirus (AV) software:

  • You could tell the new AV software you installed that the Qest4 software is “Okay” and to allow it to run
  • You can uninstall the AV software and be sure the Windows defender is turned on

Below is a link to an article that explains a little more about AV software and firewalls.  These two things are on your computer with good intentions, but can sometimes cause problems with the Qest4 software.

Firewall and Anti-virus software – how does it affect the software

2. If you recently had a Windows 10 update:

Slowing may happen after a recent Windows 10 update and take up more data space while downloading games and programs. You can right-click on any unnecessary apps in your Windows program and choose “Uninstall” if that is available.

For computer speed you can:

  • Perform Windows 10 clean-up click “Start” then go to All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup
  • Defragment clean-up go to  “MyComputer” >right-click on the hard drive > select “Properties” >under the “Tools” tab there should be an option to “Defragment Now”

3. If you recently updated your Qest4/Asyra Software:

Can you locate the version number in the bottom right corner in your opened software?  Our current version of software is posted at the top of the technical support page:

If you are not in this version you can force an update by following these instructions or watching the video link below.

How to Force a Web Update

4. What kind of computer do you have

  • Processor type (CPU)
  • Speed
  • Amount of total memory vs available memory – You need enough memory available to run the programs you are using so even though you still have “available” space you may be running low enough that it is affecting the speed of your computer.

5. What else is running on your computer?

Make certain no other software was manually started or automatically started when you power on your computer. You chould check a process manager (like Task Manager or some 3rd party tool) and see what programs are running as part of the auto startup list when the computer boots up.

More information:

If this is indeed caused by the program technical support will need more information such as the file size of your program – just in case something big has downloaded itself there. Please submit a ticket at

Even more information:

Change the permissions Windows 10 can have over your programs. Go to Privacy > turn all of the “allow apps to” > click OFF > then change your default applications to the non-modern equivalents (such as Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, etc.)> then turn off all background applications > and turn off all the active “tiles” > then unpin them from the Start menu.

You can then “shrink” the start menu to the left so it appears like the one on Windows 7.  I also turn off “notifications” and “Suggestions”.  Then use CCleaner to uninstall all the “modern” applications and junkware and clean up the Registry and the hard drive. Bingo – lean and clean and easier to navigate.