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Import Protocol (Windows 11)

Importing Protocols are different from Importing Custom Items. When Importing Protocols, they will go to the very bottom of the Available Test list as where the Custom Items will go to the Custom Items box.

There are 4 items that make up a Protocol

  • ExportProtocolFile
  • ExportProtocolCategory
  • ExportProtocolFilter
  • ExportProtocol

The practitioner should have been emailed a zipped folder containing these 4 items. Have them download the folder if they haven’t yet and follow these next steps to Import the protocol.

  • Go to “File Explore”
  • Go to “Downloads”
  • Extract the zip file
  • Copy all 4 items in the folder
  • Go to the Qest4 folder
  • Click on the ImportExport Folder

Make sure the ImportExport Folder is empty, if not delete what is in the folder

  • Paste the 4 items into the ImportExport Folder
  • Go to Create Tests in the Qest4 software
  • Click on the Protocol Import button
  • Type in EXCATLY what the folder was named that the 4 items came in

Once its completed the Protocol will be at the very bottom of the Available Tests List. If there are any issues its one of two things. Either the Protocol is already on there (a box will appear stating it already exists) or the name of the Protocol was not typed in correctly.