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Installation of Software to a USB Stick

Insert 4gb (minimum) USB stick (preferably new) i to a free USB port on computer.

  • Locate the installation file
  • At installation options, browse to USB location or change the drive letter to the one relating to the USB (check in file manager).
  • NOTE: If installing from the original USB stick supplied with your device, ensure you install to the correct EMPTY USB drive.
  • The installation can take a little longer than usual because the USB sticks can be slow to respond. 
  • If you already have the software installed on your computer, you will notice two Qest/Asyra shortcuts are now on the desktop.  One points to the computer installation the other points to the USB installation. 
    • You can copy the USB shortcut to the USB, rename it or remove it as required.

TIP: Right click on the shortcut opens the context menu, see below

NOTE: The USB installation does not allow data synchronisation between USB and PC.  If you intend to use the data on multiple devices you will have to use the Restored data function to transfer data between devices.