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Knowing What To Say

Sometimes we get lost trying to explain our line of business and how it is exactly we do what we do with the Qest4.

It is very smart to practice an “elevator” explanation. (What you would say to someone in an elevator ride)

Here is an example that we have, we encourage you to read over this example and then find other things to say that may improve upon this.  This example is very basic, yet, will help each practitioner explain their line of work in clear terms.

The Qest4 system communicates with the innate intelligence (or energy, chi, spirit, etc.) through informational energetic patterns sent out of the system, and receives response from the body through electrodes.  This transference of information through energetic language is how everything becomes interconnected.  With Qest4, you are able to find the bigger picture, so you can see causes to imbalances instead of endlessly chasing symptoms.