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“Lightly Hold Electrodes”

When you see the pop-up box “Lightly Hold Electrodes” gently cradle the handmasses/copper electrodes in the palm of your hand.

If this does not initialize the scan here are some steps to try before contacting support:

  1. Gently check the USB cord where it connects to your Qest box.  Does it wiggle?
  2. Restart your computer. If the screen is frozen you can do a “Hard reboot” by holding CNTRL-ALT-DELETE buttons at the same time then select TASK MANAGER and click on the QEST4/ASYRA Program and END TASK – following that restart your computer.
  3. Unplug the cable from the system to your computer. 
  4. Ensure your electrodes are plugged in properly (color of electrode wire needs to match the color of half circle above the plug-in location).
  5. Check the clients hands to see if they are too dry.

This should get you going.  Please submit a ticket, if this does not take care of the problem.