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NS Common Issues

The following are common issues that can occur within the QEST4 system:

Unable to Connect to Comport pop-up not going away

•System is not connecting to computer

•Application is not recognizing the system

Lightly Hold Electrodes – test not starting

•Electrodes are plugged in but a scan will not start

Common Issues: Unable to Connect to Comport

What to look for:

•Make sure machine is turned on

•Make sure comport is on Auto-Find

•Make sure only one QEST4/Asyra application is open at a time

•Make sure the electrodes are not being held during startup of program

Bluetooth Unit

•Make sure device is paired with computer via Bluetooth
(Computer Updates can cause Bluetooth devices to un-pair from your computer)

Hardwire Unit

•Drivers may need to be reinstalled correctly if this is first time use

•Possibly faulty USB cable or Port

•Make sure USB cable is plugged in correctly

Go to the Technical Support for instruction on Connecting to Comport

Common Issues: Lightly Hold Electrodes

•The client is not hydrated

Hydrate Client

•Too much moisture or not enough moisture on hands

Use bends of elbows or knees to test if using wired electrodes

•Lotion on the hands

Wash Hands

•Client being overmedicated can also be a factor

Solutions to overmedicated clients will be discussed in Level 1 Module 4.

•Wet/damp STC (sample testing connector) or Surrogate Testing Block left on electrodes when the QEST4 unit is turned on (This prohibits automatic calibration)

Remove STC from electrodes or remove electrodes from Surrogate Testing Block & press the calibration button on unit

Remove STC from electrodes or remove electrodes from Surrogate Testing Block & turn off unit, close QEST4 program, turn unit back on, and reopen program

Hardwire Unit & Bluetooth Optional Wired Electrodes

•Electrodes are not plugged in all the way or are plugged into incorrect port

Plug electrodes into correct port (Color of electrode wire needs to match the color of half circle above each port)

•Breaks in electrode wire

Using the Volume keys, adjust system sound to an audible level. Hold the electrodes and quickly move the electrodes up and down. If the sound changes as you move the electrodes there is a possibility of a short in a wire (Electrodes can be sent in for repair).