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NS Making a Daily Back Up

•Always keep an offsite back-up on a thumb drive or external hard drive. If you are testing on a thumb drive be sure to keep a back up of that as well

•A daily back-up should be made at the end of each day

You could lose all of your custom information if a back-up is not made

By creating back-ups, you will avoid the possible $700 replacement software fee

There are 3 different types of back-ups:

•Application Back-up

•Useful for maintaining a back-up copy of the QEST4 application

•Backup Folder Back-up

•Useful in keeping a back-up of all data from within the QEST4

•Backup File Back-up

•Useful in saving one specific back-up data file from within the QEST4

Qest4 Application Back Up