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NS Using a Thumb Drive

By default, all QEST4 data (client information, custom items, custom protocols, etc.) is saved and stored to the computer the QEST4 software is installed on. This can limit the options of the QEST4 user when needing to test on an alternate computer.

By creating and using a thumb drive that contains the QEST4 software, this allows the QEST4 user to not only test on an alternate computer but also ensures portability of the software.

Operating the QEST4 on a Thumb Drive

•Insert Thumb Drive into computer

•Click on File Explorer folder

•Find and open thumb drive

•Double click on the QEST4/Asyra program

•Go down to QEST4/Asyra Application and double click

•It is recommend you make a Master Key with Custom Lists on it (keep a thumb drive with custom list on it)

When do I use this feature?

If you were acting as a lab for different clinics and wanted to have separate thumb drives for each of them or if you have a work computer/desktop you could have the ability to take the thumb drive home and work on schedules and reports comfortably without having to transport your computer back and forth