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PDF Report

Due to various Adobe updates, some practitioners have had trouble using the Create PDF button on the Reports tab. To avoid this problem, we suggest the following method of creating PDF reports to email to clients:

  • Click the “print” button (as if you were actually going to print the report).
  • In the pop up box, locate the drop down menu listing the printers you can choose to print to. 
  • Select the one that says, “Microsoft print to PDF” or something very similar to that.  Then click the OK button at the bottom.  
  • It will then popup a box asking where you want to save it and ask what you want to name it.  You can save the file wherever you like to keep the PDF reports. When you want to email the report to your client, you will find the PDF where you have chosen to save it.

In an effort to help practitioners transition to the above method of report saving (thus removing the Create PDF button problem entirely), we’ve removed the Create PDF button as a default option on the reports tab on version 4200. However, if you feel you need this button back:

  • Click File (top left) and then Clinic Information.
  • In the pop up box, select the “Advanced Options” tab.
  • Put a check mark in the top box, next to the words “Show Report PDF Options”
  • Click close and the Create PDF button is back.