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Restore my system using a “backup file” instead of copying the whole program

Once you have created two separate databases, there is no way of re-combining them. If you wish to switch between different computers and retain all client records whichever machine you are working on, simply take a backup file from computer A and restore it onto computer B and vice versa whenever you switch machines.

The backup files are already stored as single zipped files in the Asyra Pro/QEST4 Backups directory. You don’t need to copy all the files from Data. To make a backup available to restore on your new machine, make sure you copy it into the Asyra Pro/Backups directory on that machine.

A video link below is listed to demonstrate the process listed below:

  1. In C: Qest/Asyra folder locate the Backup folder
  2. Select which backup versions you want to save externally
  3. Move ‘Backup’ to external drive or desktop
  4. Delete old software program
  5. Download new setup software
  6. Open NEW C: Qest/Asyra program
  7. Paste Backup files into the backup folder
  8. Launch your system software
  9. Upper left corner select File -> Restore Database
  10. Select the file you want to load – everything after that date will be gone from this software
  11. Click Restore and wait 2 minutes
  12. System will close
  13. Restart your program – check for client files, custom products, and created tests. Done

Here is a 5-minute video to help you create a backup the file and restore in a new software program.