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Sending Database Files

If you are asked by the technical support team to send in some files for the programmer to look at, here’s how you do it:

3 files are required from your Qest4 folder (if you have an Asyra, it will be your Asyra folder):

As you can see in the photo above, these files are found in your C drive, in the Qest (or Asyra) folder. Please attach them in a reply to the ticket. You can only attach one at a time, but all three can be attached to the same reply. Please COPY them, rather than completely removing them from your folder.

Some very important things to understand about this:

1. You need to send these files RIGHT AFTER your problem happens. If you run another test, or do something else with your software before attaching those files to an email, the files have been changed and they are no longer helpful to the programmer. You may want to practice attaching the files before the problem happens again so that you will easily be able to do it when the time comes.

2. Everything you do while the programmer has your files will not be saved! So keep that in mind before running tests, creating tests, adding custom products, etc. The programmer will take a look at the files and make adjustments to fix the problem. You will then be given those files back via email and put them back in your Qest folder.