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Speed of your software

The Clock and The Speed

There is a clock on the Qest4 software located under the Help tab on the bottom right.

  • This clock tells you how fast the Qest4 program is running based on how smoothly the seconds tick by.  If there is a gap or lag in the seconds (ex you only see the number 1 and then 3 seconds later see the number 4) then the program is taking time to process what it is doing. 
  • The program will run only as fast as the computer will allow it to run.  So if you do not see each second as it ticks by that means something on that person’s computer is slowing down the program.  Keep in mind that we have a LOT going on behind the scenes.  So if the computer is not fast enough, or has a low amount of RAM, or too many other programs, among other problems, then our software will run slower – it can only run as fast as the computer will allow.
  • It is expected to have a few second lag when running a really big test or loading the create tests tab or other things such as these, because there is so much going on in the background.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a brand-new computer is nice, but new does not equal fast.

  • You can buy a brand-new slow computer with little RAM and have lots of speed problems.
  • A computer can be at least 5 years old and still run great.
  • Also, many brand-new computers come with “bloat-ware”. That’s a term that means the seller and/or manufacturer installed lots of “stuff” that runs in the background. Things like anti-virus (often multiple anti-virus packages), advertising, tracking, and stubs for programs they want you to buy and, having the stub there, if you buy it there’s nothing more to install. You can immediately start using the software. But if you never us it then it just sucks up processing power.