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This App Can’t Run on Your PC

This is a most likely caused by a feature introduced by Microsoft in Windows 10 during a recent update.

SmartScreen “app and file screening” sees the Ayra/Qest application as a threat and blocks it.

This fix applies to software version 4112 ONLY

For other versions raise a support ticket at

1) Check the application AsryaPro.exe or Qest4.exe file in the AsyraPro or Qest4 folder. If it is 0KB in size then this issue exists.

2) Download this file for Asyra.

Or this for Qest4
When downloaded locate the file right click it go to Properties > Compatibility and check ‘Run this program as an administrator’ click apply then OK the window now closes. Close the downloads folder window.

3) Go to SmartScreen options – in the task bar double click the shield icon (circled) NOTE:-this may be in Hidden Icons indicated by the arrow

4) Under Check apps and files select Off

5) Replace the Asyra/Qest exe file in the main AsryaPro or Qest4 exe with the file downloaded, click to confirm “Replace the file in the destination”

6) Start the Asyra or Qest application – everything should work as normal.

7) In SmartScreen settings, change Check app and files to Warn.

This issue is now fixed.

Please note, this document may be updated as new information is made available

Date of issue 28 October 2017