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Troubleshooting – General Checklist

The checks you should make before contacting us, REGARDLESS of the issue.

  • Close down the Qest4 software, disconnect the USB cable and, turn the Qest4 hardware off.
    • If the software is unresponsive, hold down keys CTRL- ALT-DEL to bring up task manager and close the program by selecting End task.
    • Restart the Qest4 Software, is the problem still present? If yes, go to next step.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Ensure your firewall/antivirus software is disabled or that the Qest4 is allowed as an exception by your computer’s firewall when a Qest4 update is initiated. 
  • If the problem still persists then make a note of:
    • any error messages
    • unusual behavior within the software
    • evidence of any data loss.
    • Step by step instructions to recreate the problem.
  • A32 Errors: Ensure your Qest4 is set to Run as Administrator.  This can be carried out by right clicking on the Qest4 desktop icon and selecting ‘Run as administrator’. You can set this as the default setting via the Properties setting also accessed by right-clicking the icon.
  • Be sure you are on the latest version of the Qest4 software.
  • If your error occurred shortly after a software update, suspect that the update did not complete properly. Use the Force update option to run it again, 2 or 3 times if necessary.
  • Where did you purchase your computers?  They need to be “off the shelf” not from a computer store that builds their own computers?
  • What are the hibernate and sleep settings on your computers?  Are they making your computer “sleep” which would cause you to loose connection with the hardware.
  • Sometimes there are programs on computers that continually search for “available” USB slots.  They will take slots determined to be available even if they are technically in use.  Are you aware of any of these being on your computers?
  • Are your computers networked?  Our software does now work on computers that are networked.