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User Account Control (UAC)

Why is it necessary?

When you double click the icon to open your Qest4/Asyra software, a pop-up box appears, called “User Account Control” or “UAC”. 

The message says, “Do you want to allow this app from an unknown publisher to make changes to your device?”

  • You need to click “Yes” or the software will not open.
  • This is for you to confirm you want the software to run with administrator privileges.

If you try to run the software without administrative privileges you will receives messages that say:

  • “Failed to create Key Last UpdateData”
  • “Failed to create Key Last Update App”
  • “Unable to write to”

Be sure your ICON is set up to run with administrative privileges every time you click on it – You will still see the box confirming it is what you want.