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Using a Thumb Drive (Windows 11)

  • Insert an empty USB Drive into your computer
  • Left click on File Explorer
  • On the left side of the File Explorer find and left click on the Arrow next to This PC
  • Now look for and left click on your (C:) Drive (It will either be named “Windows (C:)” or “OS (C:)”)
  • Look for the Qest4 Folder
  • Once you have found it, left click on it once then Right click it
  • Left click on Copy
  • On the Left side of the File Explorer find and left click on your (D:) Drive (Usually named “USB Drive (D:)”)
  • Right click in the White Empty Space of your USB Drive and left click paste

*Note: Once you have clicked Paste, it can take from 30 seconds or a few minutes for it to finish* Once its finished you should see the folder in the USB Drive

Once the Qest4 folder is in your USB Drive, open up the folder and scroll to the bottom, you will find the application to run the software towards the bottom of the folder.