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Web Update: Details and Expectations 5.0

Are updates automatic? 

  • Yes.  If your computer is connected to the internet, the software will check to see if there is a more current version.  If there is, you will be asked if you want to update.  You can select yes or no.  If you choose not to update, the software will open and you can test as usual.  You will then be prompted to update again the next time you open the software.

How long does an update take?

  • If the update is only an “application” update it will be less than a few minutes (depending on your internet connection)
  • If the update includes the “database” it will take longer.  Possibly 10 minutes (depending on your internet connection).
    • If an “application” and “database” update are both available be sure to do them at the same time.

What if I am not prompted to update but I know I am not on the latest version of software?

  • You can force an update.

How often should I expect automatic updates?

  • We aim to do quarterly updates for Master List changes.  This would include spelling corrections, expanded definitions, updated product lines and similar things along those lines.  These are done as “database” updates.
  • There will be various other updates as needed for feature improvements and minor software fixes.

What is the testing process for software updates?

  • The software goes through multiple layers of testing, to ensure we have corrected every problem before it is offered to you.
  • We are unable to catch computer specific problems.  These are the ones that only happen to a few practitioners and are usually related to something on their specific computer, like antivirus software or outdated Windows updates.

How will I know what is included in the update?

  • There is a Web Update report included with each update.  This can be found under the “File” tab in your software.

Do updates affect my available tests or client information?

  • No. Updates only affect the features of the software (such as buttons and various capabilities) and the master list (such as adding and removing products, correcting spelling, and updating descriptions). Your custom list will not be affected. Your client data will not be touched. Your available tests will remain the same.

It’s a good idea to have a back up of your software at all times, and especially before updating. Here’s an article about how to create a back up.