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Why are supplements chosen in the testing process that an individual cannot metabolize or reacts negatively to

It is rare but it does happen on occasion with a small percentage of clients that supplementation is chosen in the testing process that the individual cannot metabolize.  When taken the client will experience adverse reactions. In energy testing the system is checking an energetic signature and the body is assessing the need.  An example may be supplements containing Sulphur.  Your body needs sulfur to build and fix your DNA and protect your cells from damage that can lead to serious diseases such as cancer.  Sulfur also assists your body in that it helps  metabolize food and contributes to the health of your skin, tendons, and ligaments.  The selected energetic signature for the noted disturbance was chosen to offer balance where disresonance was recognized. This may assist with proper energetic communication pertaining to specific disturbances noted in one’s metabolic processes.  Again, the chosen resonance of sulfur is needed.  From a physical stand point your body may not handle it properly but the body has been balanced prior to selecting the supplementation therefore it is showing a physical need.  Energy testing has pros and cons.  The pros far out way the cons in my opinion.  One of the negatives (cons) of energy testing is that it is only looking at energy and that can be changed as testing takes place.  The innate intelligence is provided an energetic pattern and chooses to accept it or not.  If it accepts the resonance it is balanced for a period of time.  The balance may hold 2 minutes or it may last 3 days depending on various factors.  This is why the drops are needed to maintain balance and retrain the body to remain at homeostasis in regards to the unhealthy patterns selected in the testing process.  I hope this will offer an explanation that is understandable to you as to why this type of circumstance can present a challenge in energy testing.