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Why is a copy of my software important?

Do you have a 2nd copy of the key to your automobile?  How about your home or office? 

Yes, you could go to a locksmith or an automobile manufacturer to get a copy of your key made, should you be locked out. 

But, imagine the inconvenience of having to do that when: 

  • You are in a hurry to get to an important event.
  • You come home late at night and don’t have keys to get into your home.
  • You get to your office 10 minutes before your first client of the day arrives. 

In these situations, it is very inconvenient and you do not have time to go get another key made; you need to already have one available.

If you can see the importance of having a copy of your key for these important things, it helps you understand why you need a copy of your software with the important client and test data information on it.

  • What if your computer crashes? 
  • What if there is a natural or unexpected disaster? 
  • What if there is a software update that has new features and you want time to practice them? 
  • What if you are a new practitioner and you want to experiment a bit with the Create Test tab but don’t want to permanently alter your existing tests. 
  • Having a recent copy of your software will solve all of these problems and more.

Yes, you can get another copy of the software from Qest, but it will be a general copy, not YOUR copy.  It will have none of YOUR client information, none of YOUR custom tests and none of YOUR Custom Library information.

You should have AT LEAST one extra copy of your software, in a location other than your computer, like an external hard drive or USB stick.   

  • This copy is NOT used in your every day testing.
  • This means you should have the software you use each day, AND you have another copy of that software kept on an external device.
  • If you want to practice on a separate copy then you should have three!  One for every day, one to practice new features and functions, and one that is only used in the event you need to restore your data.
  • You can never have too many copies!
  • You can give the folders different names to help distinguish them.  

Click here to see a video on HOW to make a copy of your software.

NOTE:  It has always been a recommendation from Qest and its distributors, that practitioners have their own copy of THEIR specific software file.  We are doing more to educate practitioners on this topic, as we are with ALL topics related to the software.  There is NOT a greater need for a copy of software now than there was in the past, you are just being better educated about the importance that has always existed.