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Wiggly USB connection on Qest4 Box

If you running a test and continue to lose connection with the software (you receive a message to “Lightly Hold Electrodes” or you receive a message “USB Cable Unplugged or Connection Lost”) here are some things you can check:

  • Gently wiggle where the USB cord connects to the back of the Qest.
    • Does it wiggle at all?
    • Do you hear the “chime” from your computer indicating a USB device has connected or disconnected?  
  • This piece is connected quite solid on the inside.  For this to break it requires pressure to be placed on the cord as it is plugged. This usually happens in one of three ways:  
    • Either something has been dropped on the cord near the connection to the box while its plugged into the Qest
    • The back of the box is pushed up against something (the wall, the back of the desk etc)
    • The front of the Qest (where the electrodes are connected) is lifted up so the back of it (where the USB is plugged in) presses against the desk it is sitting on.  (Sometimes people lift this to see better as they plug in the electrodes.)  
  • NOTE: It may take repeated incidents to cause the break.